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Your profile. Your jobs. We do the magic - you get the best jobs for you.

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As easy as it gets. One click and jobs will find YOU!

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Introduce yourself.

Tell Jobzy what's your primary occupation. Select from plethora of occupations, from Medical Doctors to Software Programmers to Carpenters to Nurses.

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By allowing you to easily add your skills, Jobzy will craft the results just for you. Start by simply typing what you know and Jobzy will let you autocomplete and add as many skills as you want.

The best jobs in realtime.

No more endless searching or scrolling through thousands of ads just to find out that the job you are finally interested in is expired. With Jobzy you get jobs tailored for you in realtime. Once a new job that matches your profile comes into Jobzy's system you will immediately receive a notification.

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While we are working hard on the final product, we offer invite only access to people like you who are interested to give Jobzy a try. Just enter your email address and we will let you know once your invite is ready.